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USB Heated Mouse Mat Cover

  • €3000

Tired of your hand being cold when it's on your computer mouse all day?  Well, here is the answer.  A heated mouse mat with wrist rest that keeps your hand toasty warm all day long.  Comes with USB cable to plug into your computer to keep the mouse mat nice and cosy.  

Heated mouse pad with wrist rest and USB heater 24x24 cm soft plush fabric for laptop / desktop computer.


USB warmer mouse pad with built-in warmer pad can warm your freezing cold hand while at work.
The temperature of the mouse pad will go up to a comfortable temperature after it is connected to the computer.
Just plug it into the USB port, then it keeps you hand warm all the time.
Powered by USB cable, low voltage consumption, safe and reliable.
Ergonomic wrist pad design for maximum comfort and support.
Removable heat sheet making it convenient to wash the mouse pad.
Note: DO NOT remove the plastic film around the heat sheet.

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