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18 KW Solid Fuel Stove with Boiler

  • €80000
  • Save €50

The Oak Boiler Stove is a really substantial stove capable of heating a very large area.

Great value - now at €800 for a massive stove that will offer huge heat capacity to your home and significanty reduce your heating bills.   It can heat 8 to 10 rads and domestic hot water.

IMPORTANT: For your stove to perform to its best, you need to use the right kind of fuel.  If you are using firewood, then it needs to be seasoned correctly before burning.  Get a free "Firewood Preparation Handbook" when you order your stove from us. 


  • Airwash system for cleaner glass
  • Burns wood and solid fuel
  • Built in back boiler
  • Weight: 175kg

Boiler Specifications

  • Boiler output:   12KW (40,600 BTU)
  • Radiator Capacity: 8 to 10
  • Room Heat Output: 6KW
  • Height: 710mm (28")
  • Width: 720mm (28.5")
  • Depth: 460mm (18")

All stove prices include VAT.

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