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New 9 Ton Electric Log Splitters with Split Wedge

  • €000

 If you split wood on a regular basis then the Hartnett 9 Ton Electric Log Splitter is an essential tool to have in your shed.  Hartnett Log Splitters is the leading brand of log splitters in Ireland and our tried and trusted machines offer fantastic value.  The Hartnett 9 Ton Log Splitter is a real favourite with our customers, it is very comfortable to use and has mighty splitting ability.  In the demo video, you will see Mick Hartnett showing what this log splitter can do.  Or why not call to our showroom and even bring a log to challenge this really tough logsplitter.  Delivery nationwide only €30.

Features of the 9 Ton Hartnett Log Splitter

  • Splitting force of log splitter: 9 Ton
  • Split Wedge attachment included in the price.  Fresh timber tends to be stringy and knitted together and this wide wedge simply bursts the log open and eliminates having to pull the stringy bits apart. A really useful attachment.
  • Splitting axe length - 190mm 
  • Splitting axe width - 25mm (1")
  • Transport handle to rear of log splitter and wheels for easy movement
  • 1 pilot holes on splitting axe for cross axe
  • Splitting axe tilted forward at 25 degrees for maximum splitting force
  • Box iron inside barrel/sleeve attached to axe: 115mm (4.5")
  • Box iron outside barrell/sleeve: 125mm (5")
  • 22" platform checkered plate on the ground for max stability
  • Max. wood length: 18"/41"
  • Max. wood diameter: 30"
  • Voltage: 230V-50Hz (Single Phase) - 16amp plug
  • G.W.: 120kgs
  • Carton Size: 69x38x95cm (27"x15"x37.5")
  • Power: 3000W
  • Copper wire in log splitter motor
  • Logsplitter comes with built in safety features
  • 12 month warranty.  CE Approved.
  • Excellent product support and after sales service guaranteed.
  • Delivery can be arranged anywhere in Ireland and the UK.
  • Don't be fooled by cheap imitations.  If it hasn't got Hartnett written on it, then it isn't a Hartnett Log Splitter!

Looking for a machine that will split your firewood logs?  This is the answer.  The easy way to "cut logs", "break blocks", "split timber", "chop firewood" whatever way you want to say it, this machine will do it all! 

Please note that, on occasion, due to small design changes, your log splitter may differ slightly from what is shown in the photos/videos on our website.

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