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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have spare parts for your log splitters?

Yes, as we design and produce these machines, we carry a full set of spare parts so if you need anything in the future, just give us a call and we can post them to you.  You can also call to our workshop with your machine and we can carry out servicing or any necessary repairs – please phone ahead to book in a time.

How much does delivery cost and how long does it take?

Delivery nationwide is €37.  Because of the weight of the machine, it will arrive on a pallet.  Delivery normally takes 1-3 days.  If access to your premises is restricted by a narrow entrance or roadway, then the courier will only be able to leave your item at the nearest point for you and you may have to get the item the rest of the way yourself.

What kind of oil should I use when changing the hydraulic oil?

We recommend Maxol Hydraulic 46 (or 32).  The log splitter already has oil in it when you buy it.  An oil change is recommended after 50 hours work.  You can buy this replacement oil on our website or source it locally.

hydraulic oil for hartnett log splitters

Can I bring a log to your showroom and test out your log splitter?

Yes, you are welcome to bring sample logs and test out all of the log splitter models.  We can then best advise you on what machine will suit you and your timber.

What kind of power supply do I need?

All of our log splitter are single phase (230V – 50Hz) and come with a circular 16amp plug (male end) which requires a corresponding female end socket.

Can I change the plug to a regular 13amp 3 pin plug?

We do not recommend changing the plug as your machine will not be getting enough power flowing for the 3000W motor and you may damage your motor as a result.  If you do not already have a socket for a 16amp plug then they are readily available and your electrician will easily wire it up for you.

Do you offer a warranty with your log splitters?

Yes, we offer a 12 month warranty with all of our products.  And that is a genuine warranty.  If, in the unlikely event that you have a problem with your log splitter, we will be able to get it sorted for you – that is our promise. We’ve designed these machines and know how they work inside out.  There are some stores selling log splitters that have no expertise at all when it comes to how the machines actually work.  When you encounter a problem all they can do is offer you your money back – leaving you without what you need – a log splitter.  Down the road, when you are out of warranty we can always offer you servicing or repair.