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NEW Petrol Log Saw 13HP

  • €1,49500
  • Save €100

NEW Petrol Log Saws for sale from Hartnett Products.  Never has there been a safer and more efficient way to cut lengths of wood into logs.  Watching the video above shows how this log saw bench bears all the weight of the length of timber as the circular blade cuts through it effortlessly.  The log length is kept in place with the gripper handle and the chopped logs simply fall into a satisfying pile beside the operator.  Unlike a chainsaw, this kind of log saw can be used safely by anyone as the blade is fully enclosed by a guard.  It's just like combining a log horse and chainsaw into one machine!  Get your logs cut safely and efficiently with this essential piece of kit.  Powerful 13HP engine and tow bar makes it extremely versatile - allowing you to cut at home or in the field/forest.

  • 700mm blade diameter.
  • Key and pull start.
  • 13HP 4 stroke engine (straight petrol - no 2 stroke needed).
  • Comes with tow bar and air wheels so it can be towed behind car/jeep.
  • Overall machine width is 820mm.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Cuts up to a maximum of 10.25 inch diameter logs.
  • Comes with full manufacturer's warranty and full after sales service.
  • Please note that, on occasion, due to design upgrades, your log saw may differ slightly from what is shown in the photos/videos on our website.

Looking for a machine that will safely cut your firewood logs?  This is the answer.  The easy way to "cut logs" or "chop firewood" whatever way you want to say it, this machine will do it all!   Hartnett Products has three types of log saws for sale: this 13 HP petrol one, a PTO driven log saw and an Electric Log Saw.


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