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New 10 Ton Electric Log Splitter with Cross Axe and Split Wedge

  • €75000

Weighing in at a hefty 150Kgs, this model is, by far and away, the best 10 ton electric logsplitter on the market.  It will slice through the logs effortlessly for you.  It comes with a heavy duty cross axe attachment and an extremely useful wide splitting wedge included in the price.  Hartnett Log Splitters - the leading brand of log splitters in Ireland.  Get splitting today - call Hartnett Products 021-7337081.

Hartnett Log Splitters - the tried and trusted log splitters.  If it hasn't got Hartnett written on it, then it isn't a Hartnett Log Splitter!

The features of our 10 ton electric log splitter are:

  • Heavy Duty Splitting Power: 10 Ton
  • Heavy duty 4-way cross axe attachment included in the price!! This extra attachment will cut your log into 4 pieces in one movement. 
  • Also included in the price is a "Split Wedge" attachment.  Fresh timber tends to be stringy and knitted together and this wide wedge simply bursts the log open and eliminates having to pull the stringy bits apart. A very useful attachment.
  • The height of the axe can be adjusted to suit the height of your logs.  
  • Max. wood length: 25"/32"/40"/53"
  • Max. wood diameter: 30"
  • Voltage: 230V-50Hz (Single Phase) - 16amp plug
  • Power: 3000W copper wire motor
  • G.W.: 151 Kgs
  • Splitting axe length - 210mm
  • Splitting axe width - 25mm (1")
  • Splitting axe tilted forward at 25 degrees for maximum splitting force
  • 22" platform chequered plate on the ground for max stability
  • Carton Size: 69x38x110cm (27"x15"x43.5")
  • Wheels and handle make moving log splitter easy
  • Log Splitter comes with built in safety features
  • Box iron inside barrel/sleeve attached to axe: 115mm (4.5")
  • Box iron outside barrell/sleeve: 125mm (5")
  • 12 month warranty.  CE Approved.
  • Product support and after sales service for all our logsplitters.
  • Delivery can be arranged anywhere in Ireland, UK or Europe.
  • All log splitter prices include VAT. 

Please note that, on occasion, due to small design changes, your log splitter may differ slightly from what is shown in the photos/videos on our website.

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