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NEW 7 Ton VERTICAL Electric Log Splitter with Wide Wedge

  • €43000

So, you've been battling with those logs for years now and the old axe is blunt and your shoulders and back have seen better days.  And there you are looking at those fallen trees and saying "how am I going to face all that splitting?"  Well, we have the perfect solution for you....a Hartnett Log Splitter - the leading log splitter brand in Ireland.  This mighty machine, the Vertical 7 Ton Log Splitter, makes easy work of cutting your firewood.  Very comfortable to use, full of power and great value - this is our most popular model of log splitter and the top selling log splitter in Ireland.

Comes with a very useful Wide Splitting Wedge attachment included in the price.  All you have to do is stand there and hold the handles and let the machine burst the blocks for you.  You'll probably like splitting logs so much that you'll take it up as your hobby for those long winter evenings!  It's actually very relaxing and you'll get a great sense of satisfaction when you see all that firewood stored away, ready for burning.  A cosy winter ahead for you..... 

To understand the benefits of a Splitting Wedge, CLICK HERE

Delivery nationwide only €30

Maximum wood length: 23"/30"/42" (3 positions for cutting table)

Maximum wood diameter: 15.5"

Voltage: 230V-50Hz (single phase)

13 amp - standard 3 pin plug or 16 amp waterproof plug.

Log Splitter Weight: 85kgs

Carton Size: 56x45.5x110cm, (22"x18"x43.5")

Power: 2200W Copper wire in log splitter motor

Wheels and handle make moving log splitter easy

Log Splitter comes with built in safety features

Log Splitter comes with 12 month warranty.

CE approved.

Product support and after sales service guaranteed.

Delivery can be arranged to anywhere in Ireland, UK and Europe.

Prices include VAT.

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Hartnett Products has a great range of log splitters for sale - everything from this 7 Ton Electric Log Splitter to our 16 Ton - the biggest and fastest electric log splitter for sale here at Hartnett Products.

Hartnett Log Splitters carries a full range of log splitter spare parts for sale also.

Please note that, on occasion, due to small design changes, your log splitter may differ slightly from what is shown in the photos/videos on our website.

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