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New 8 Ton Electric Log Splitter with Cross Axe & Split Wedge

  • €65000

Once you start using this 8 Ton Log Splitter, you will see it as an indispensable tool - one that eliminates all of the back breaking work from making firewood.  The Hartnett 8 Ton Log Splitter is a really tough worker that takes on hardwoods and softwoods and can manage plenty knots too.  Don't be fooled by imitation log splitters...if it doesn't have "Hartnett" written on it, then it isn't a Hartnett Log Splitter!  If you are using firewood on a regular basis then it's time to invest in a log splitter - you will get years of splitting out of it.  No more looking at those fallen trees as a nuisance, now you will see them as firewood just waiting to be made and that's as good as money in the bank!

We all know that splitting wood by hand is laborious work, it's hard on the body and it definitely isn't a fun job so a log splitter is a great investment.  Hartnett Log Splitters are made with the highest quality workmanship, they are very affordable and we know our log splitters inside out so we can offer a second-to-none back up and after sales service for years to come.  

Features of the 8 Ton MAX-AXE Log Splitter.

  • Heavy duty splitting power: 8 Ton
  • 4-Way Cross Axe attachment comes free.
  • Wide splitting wedge attachment comes free. 
  • Maximum wood diameter: 22"
  • Voltage: 230V-50Hz (single phase)
  • Comes with 16 amp blue circular plug.
  • Log Splitter Weight: 103kgs
  • Carton Size: 56x45.5x110cm, (22"x18"x43.5")
  • Pallet Delivery nationwide €37.
  • Power: 3000W
  • Copper wire in log splitter motor
  • Splitting axe tilted forward to 25 degrees for maximum splitting force
  • Wheels and handle make moving log splitter easy
  • Log Splitter comes with safety guard over hydraulic pump section 
  • Log Splitter comes with built in safety features
  • Log Splitter comes with 12 month warranty.  CE approved.
  • Product support and after sales service guaranteed.
  • Delivery can be arranged to anywhere in Ireland, UK and Europe.

Looking for a machine that will split your firewood logs?  This is the answer.  The easy way to "cut logs", "break blocks", "split timber", "chop firewood" whatever way you want to say it, this machine will do it all! 

We have a range of log splitters for sale, everything from our 7 Ton Electric Log Splitter right up to our biggest 40 Ton Petrol Log Splitter and everything in between.

Please note that, on occasion, due to small design changes, your log splitter may differ slightly from what is shown in the photos/videos on our website.

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