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NEW M-TEC 8x5 Twin Axle Trailers

  • €3,35000

M-Tec's 8ft x 5ft twin axle trailer comes complete with Mesh Sides, Ramp Door, Plastic Mudguards, LED Lights and full Road Certification.

Chequered Steel Floor: €3350 + VAT (€4120 including VAT).

Comes with plastic mudguards as standard.

Superior 4-leaf springs provide higher absorption to road shocks, reduces wear and tear and provides a smoother ride.

Stock Door in Ramp is an optional extra: €100 + VAT.

Low butt door is an optional extra: €100 + VAT.

Tyres are suitable for both on and off road applications. Durable and robust for demanding conditions.

E-Marked LED Lights.  Our trailers come with LED lights fitted, 2 marker lights, 4 reflectors and number plate light.

Heavy duty jockey wheel enables increased maneuverability of your trailer when it is unhitched.

Heavy duty rivets provide a strong, robust and structurally sound trailer that handles heavy loads easily.

Safety is paramount and our Knott brakes and axles provide excellent safety and balance for your trailer.

For piece of mind, our trailers come with lockable coupling which ensures the security of your trailer.

Our reinforced ramp door provides easy accessibility for loading or unloading of the trailer.

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