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NEW 16 Ton Electric Log Splitter - Single Phase

  • €1,37500

This is our MAX AXE 16 Ton Electric Log Splitter.

Single phase electric log splitter with a 16 amp blue plug.

Transport handle fitted on the back which can be placed out of the way in an upright position when not in use.

Automatic ram return which can be set to various heights for different sized logs.

3600W copper wire motor which is almost 5HP.

2 hand operation for safety.

2 speed hydraulic pump.

Speed one for hard knotty logs gives more power.

Speed two for regular logs which has faster ram travel.

Log lifter for lifting longer bigger logs into a splitting position.

Ppneumatic air pumped wheels.

Upper splitting table for shorter logs up to 23 inches long - this table can be easily removed when splitting longer logs on the bottom splitting base.

The max log length is approx 40 inches long.

It has a log remover on top.

It has a depth control rod at the back to control height of axe.

It is good practice for the simple maintenance of this machine to use a small, clean paintbrush to brush some clean oil on to the depth control rod and on to the main beam where the axe slides up and down.  Do this regularly.

The machine weighs 290kg.

There is an optional 4 way axe with this machine.

The machine is CE certified and comes with 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

This is a safe machine and a very good machine.


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