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Review of the 8x5 Single Axle Trailer

Posted by Hartnett Products on

Review of the 8x5 Single Axle Trailer

Hartnett Trailers have an 8ft x 5ft Single Axle Car Trailer for sale in Donoughmore, Co Cork and it is one of the best selling trailers that they have.  Why is this such a popular trailer?  Well, here are some of the most attractive features of this single axle trailer: Firstly, it's a Single Axle which means you don't need a trailer licence to tow it.  This trailer is certified up to 750kg weight so for the person looking for the ideal general purpose trailer, this is perfect. Secondly, it is actually slightly longer than 8 ft internally which means that for a lot of people, carpenters, self-builders etc....

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