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Domestic Coal Burning to be Phased out in UK

Posted by Hartnett Products on

Does this mark the end of the cosy fire or stove?  No!  Firewood to the Rescue!

The restrictions in the UK are limited and will be phased in over several years. Even after they come into full effect, fire lovers will still be able to collect their own kindling and branches and buy seasoned or kiln-dried logs (as long as they have moisture levels below 20%). This fuel is more expensive, but burns more efficiently and more cleanly, which means more heat, lower flue maintenance costs and fewer health concerns. It is also easier to light and produces a satisfying crackle rather than a sputtering hiss.

As we here at Hartnett Products have been saying for years, you can create a perfect fire with wood alone once it is correctly seasoned and you have some kindling to get it started.  There is no need for polluting coal.  Dry firewood just takes time but once dried it is a fantastic, efficient and renewable fuel.  

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