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Why It’s a Good Idea to Split your Firewood

Posted by Hartnett Products on

It’s going to be Easier to Light than Whole Logs

The 3 key ingredients to get a fire going and keep it burning well are:

  • Fuel (the wood)
  • Oxygen
  • Heat

When your firewood is split, it gives a better balance of these three ingredients and that’s why split firewood ignites better than whole logs.

When split, more of the log’s surface is exposed to the air and that allows it to, firstly, dry faster and, secondly, light faster. 

We’re always promoting to customers about the importance of getting your wood dry before burning it.  This is very important because wood with high moisture content is hard to ignite, doesn’t burn efficiently and is smoky.  You’re not getting value from your wood if it’s wet. 

That’s why splitting the logs is so important.  It can dry a lot quicker. 

When you light split firewood the flames quickly get going because more dry wood surface is available to the flame and that gives you the “heat” ingredient that we mentioned at the start.  The heat generated from this initial burn of the wood is transferred to the surrounding air and it warms up more quickly.

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