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PTO Wood Chippers - things to know

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Since the ban on green burning was introduced to Ireland in 2023, a lot of farmers are looking at buying a wood chipper to process all that brush.

A mobile PTO wood chipper can be a useful accessory. It allows you to take the chipper to the pile of brush rather than trying to bring the brush to the chipper.  A PTO driven model does give you  more power when compared to a Petrol driven model.   Hartnett Products offer PTO chippers that can handle up to 9 inches in diameter.

The PTO chipper attaches directly to the tractor’s mounting brackets.   It has a wide in-feed hopper and an out-feed chute which is adjustable to allow you to direct the chips into a pile or a trailer.

A PTO wood chipper turns piles of branches into wood chips that you can take away or leave on in situ to decompose.  It eliminates the need to burn the pile of branches. You may need a PTO wood chipper for these common jobs:

  • To clear your property of burnable brush;
  • To get rid of piles of branches that attract rats and other pests;
  • To process waste after hedgecutting;
  • To make a useful mulching material for your garden;

Because they draw power from the tractor engine, PTO chippers are among the most powerful you can buy.

If you have a large farm with rough terrain then a PTO woodchipper is probably the best choice.

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