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Introducing our ALL NEW 12 Ton Electric Log Splitter for sale

Posted by Hartnett Products on

Introducing our NEW 12 Ton Vertical Electric Log Splitter (single phase).  Prepare to be impressed...

It comes with a heavy duty cross axe attachment and an extremely useful wide splitting wedge included in the price.  

Hartnett Log Splitters - the leading brand of log splitters for sale in Ireland.  Get splitting today - call Hartnett Products 021-7337081.

The features of our 12 Ton electric log splitter are:

  • Heavy Duty Splitting Power: 12 Ton
  • Heavy duty 4-way cross axe attachment included in the price!! This extra attachment will cut your log into 4 pieces in one movement. 
  • Also included in the price is a "Split Wedge" attachment.  You don't need to wait for the axe to go all the way down into the log to split it when you use the wide wedge.  Ideal for fresh, stringy logs.  A very useful attachment.
  • The height of the axe can be adjusted to suit the height of your logs.  
  • Max. wood length: 135cm/53"
  • Max. wood diameter: 30"
  • Voltage: 230V-50Hz (Single Phase) - 16amp plug
  • Copper wire motor
  • Free Firewood Preparation Handbook with every order.
  • G.W.: 167 Kgs
  • 12 month warranty.  CE Approved.

Hartnett Log Splitter Sales - the best value log splitters for sale in Ireland.  If you want to buy a log splitter then look no further than Hartnett Products.  We have wood splitters for every budget and a great range of log saws for sale too.

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