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Lighting the Fire - The Inverted Method - It works!!!!

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I honestly thought this would be a complete the fire from the top!  We have always had the firelighter on the bottom with kindling over that and bigger logs over that again.  But I said I'd give it a go.  So covered the base of my stove with big logs, put a row of smaller logs on top of that and put a row of very small sticks and kindling on top.  Dropped on 2 pieces of firelighter and struck the match.  Had the bottom vent half opened.  I cannot tell you how surprised I was by the end of the night!  Honestly!  I never knew!  The fire caught hold on top and slow burned down through the layers of logs so steadily it was just amazing.  Glowed away for the night.  Never did I use so little logs.  It's my discovery of 2021 so far.  Thanks to Wood As Fuel book for the information on the inverted method (also known as the Swiss method).  Here's the description in the book:

firewood lighting your fire

firewood as fuel

wood as fuel

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