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LogOx Ireland

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Now you can buy the LogOx in Ireland and the UK.  The LogOx is for sale from Hartnett Products, Cork.

You can choose to buy the Log Ox Hauler, the 3-in-1 multi-tool or the Forester Package.  

The Log Ox Log Hauler  - Quickly lift log rounds from the ground and move them without having to bend over, use clumsy log tongs, or swing a sharp pulp hook/pickaroon. The Hauler can grip and lift as large a log diameter as you could normally, while keeping your body upright. 

LogOX MultiTool Set Includes:

1. LogOX Hauler: Used to lift, move, and load logs onto a splitter without bending over, or as a 21" cant hook to roll logs.

2. Cant Handle Extension: This extension turns the LogOX Hauler into 38" cant hook. Designed to grip and roll logs between 7"-32" in diameter.

3. T-bar Attachment: Attach it to the Hauler and use with the cant handle extension to create a sturdy timberjack. Perfect to lift and drag logs smaller diameter logs 2"-12" in diameter, which keeps your chain from striking the ground while bucking log rounds.

4. Holster: The LogOX Holster makes a great addition to the Hauler, quickly freeing your hands to operate machinery.  

The LogOX Forester Package includes:

  • The LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool Set:Combines the patented back and knee saving log round hauler, 38" cant hook, and timberjack log lifter into one compact forestry tool.

  • Hauler Holster: Fits on any standard work belt to provide the user with a convenient place to set the LogOX Hauler in between uses while operating machinery. 

  • PickOX Pickaroon Attachment: This addition to the LogOX lineup is small enough to fit in your pocket, but quickly turns your LogOX cant handle extension into a force multiplying pickaroon tool. 

  • CarryOX Carry Bag

  • Buy LogOx Forester Package in Ireland now from Hartnett Products
  • Hartnett Products have a range of forestry tools for sale in Ireland.

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