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Benefits of using a log splitter

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During winter, it becomes important to keep your home and yourself warm. Using firewood in a wood-burning stove for keeping your house warm is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. In comparison to oil, gas and electricity, wood is way cheaper and being carbon-neutral it is friendly for environment too. In order to use your maximise your wood-burning stove, you would need to have a store of logs split ahead of time so that they are seasoned and ready to burn. To get the job of splitting logs done using less time and energy, a log splitter is the most beneficial tool. This tool offers convenient splitting and makes the job a whole lot easier.

A log splitter offers varied benefits to its users. Some of the major advantages of using a log splitter include:

Improved Performance:

This tool makes chopping your firewood easy and quick. If you are using an electric log splitter, you can save a lot of time with less physical exertion required for splitting. With the use of a log splitter, you will surely be able to increase your productivity and get through the work faster.

Easy to Move:

One of the key features of a log splitter is its ease of movement. Most of the high-end splitters include air pumped wheels or rubber wheels that makes it easy to split logs in different locations. Storage won't be a problem either because when your log splitting job is done, you can move your splitter into your storage shed without much effort ready for next season. The log splitter eliminates heavy lifting of tools.

Simple to Use:

A log splitter is not difficult to use. Hartnett Products have great demonstration videos of all their log splitter models on their website here. These videos give you excellent tips on using and maintaining your log splitter.

Safe Tool:

As soon as you begin using a log splitter, you will see that it is much safer to use for splitting wood than other tools.   Manual tools like an axe have risk of injury. While using such tools, you hand may vibrate as you hit the piece of log hard. Such immense pressure and vibration may have harmful effects on your body and health. This shock and pressure can have adverse effects on your muscles and joints and with use over time you may begin to experience some pains that may become persistent. Moreover gripping these manual tools is also difficult and losing a grip may result in a severe injury. 

There are plenty log splitters to choose from at Hartnett ProductsHartnett Log Splitters offer the best value and best range of log splitters in Ireland.  They can offer you expert advice on which log splitter to buy and which log splitter model will best suit your needs.

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