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Back in Stock - the 13HP Petrol Log Saw

Posted by Hartnett Products on

Delighted to say that our hugely popular 13HP Petrol Log Saws are back in stock and ready to go from Hartnett Products.  Never has there been a safer and more efficient way to cut lengths of wood into logs.  When operating, this log saw bench bears all the weight of the length of timber as the circular blade cuts through it effortlessly.  The log length is kept in place with the gripper handle and the chopped logs simply fall into a satisfying pile beside the operator.  Unlike a chainsaw, this kind of log saw can be used safely by anyone as the blade is fully enclosed by a guard.  It's just like combining a log horse and chainsaw into one machine!  Get your logs cut safely and efficiently with this essential piece of kit.  Powerful 13HP engine and tow bar makes it extremely versatile - allowing you to cut at home or in the field/forest.  

  • 700mm blade diameter.
  • Key and pull start.
  • 13HP 4 stroke engine (straight petrol - no 2 stroke needed).
  • Comes with tow bar and air wheels so it can be towed behind car/jeep.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Cuts between 10 and 11 inch diameter logs.
  • Comes with full manufacturer's warranty and full after sales service.

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