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Foraging for Firewood after a Storm

Posted by Claire Hartnett on

The aftermath of a storm like this one can bring a rich harvest of firewood.  There are people out there finding enough free wood to get them through the winter without spending one cent!  Here are some of their methods:

Landscaper Gardeners/ Tree Surgeons

One man’s waste is another man’s gold.  Many tree surgeons will have a market already for their hardwoods.  However, fresh softwood and smaller limbs are not sought after commodities so it is very common for tree surgeons to have to find other ways of getting rid of this type of waste.  If you are willing to put a bit of work in, and why wouldn’t you if it’s free?  Then your local tree surgeons or landscape gardeners may be worth a call.   These pieces are ideal for cutting with a small electric log saw and make great fire starters or kindling.  Once you’ve cut it and seasoned it, you’ll have a stack of free fuel.

Foraging for Tree Debris Locally

We see them everywhere, dead tree branches scattered along roadsides or lying in green areas, but we don’t seem to notice their value as a fuel.  Why not gather these up?  Using one of the electric log saws for sale from Hartnett Products, you will be amazed at how much firewood you could accumulate!  Not only will you be tidying up your locality, you’ll be collecting free firewood for the winter ahead.  Obviously, if the branches are lying on private property then you need to get permission to gather them.  These are going to be particularly plentiful after a storm so be on the lookout!


New Building Land

Sometimes the land for new developments has to be cleared of trees and if the builder is not keen on letting you have the full tree, he may be happy to allow you take the heavy brush or tree branches left behind.  With an electric log saw you’ll be amazed at the amount of good firewood you can create with these smaller limbs. 

Keep an Eye on Facebook and Done Deal

By keeping an eye on “Freebie Facebook Pages”, Done Deal and Gumtree you could come across people looking to give away waste wood of all types rather than having to dispose of it themselves.  Once you’re willing to call and pick it up, you’ll be on the pig’s back. 

Wooden Pallets

Shops and warehouses use wooden pallets all of the time and although very often they are re-used, some get damaged and need to be disposed of.  Damaged pallets are ideal for firewood and can be cut down so simply with an electric saw bench.  Effortless!

As author Lars Mytting says in his hugely popular book “Norwegian Wood”:

“Even the humblest stick can be used; it’s like picking up small change. One day all of those coins will add up to a note. It’s a good feeling.”

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