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Log Splitters - Electric vs Petrol

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A log splitter’s job is to take the hard work out of making firewood and split logs with minimal effort from the operator.  This winter, hundreds of thousands of Irish people will use firewood to heat their homes, the lighting fires filling rooms with a cosy atmosphere that only a wood fire can bring. 

Splitting firewood by hand is laborious work and it puts a lot of wear and tear on the body.  Now that log splitters are widely available and very affordable, anyone that splits wood on a regular basis should be using one.  

So let’s compare engine driven log splitters and electric logsplitters.  

For the ordinary homeowner, an electric log splitter has far less maintenance: no spark plugs to be replaced, no oil filter to be changed, no filling with petrol.  Along with that, there are no fumes, smoke or loud noise from an electric log splitter so it is much easier and relaxing to be around. 

Another great advantage of the electric log splitter is that you can use it indoors in a garage or shed so bad weather won’t keep you away from splitting wood.  There are no fumes coming off the machine so you can stay in out of the rain in a comfortable environment.

Added to this, the electric log splitters are smaller and lighter making them easy to move around which is another great benefit. 

So there are a lot of conveniences when it comes to the electriclog splitter and they are surprisingly strong.  Some people have the impression that because they work off electricity that they won’t have the same power that a petrol or tractor version will have.  Not at all!  Electric splitters are equally as strong and can fly through the work.

Hartnett Products has a fantastic 7 Ton Vertical Log Splitter forsale for only €430 which is a mighty machine and excellent value.  Visit our website for more information.

7 ton Electric Log Splitter

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