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The Great Splitting Wedge

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Hartnett Products supplies a Wide Splitting Wedge with each of its Vertical Electric Log Splitters.  This extra wedge slides on over the main axe and is extremely useful.  Some customers don't realise the benefit of this piece until they start using the machine.  

So what does it do?  Well, firstly, we all know that the best time to split logs is when the logs are fresh ie recently cut.  This is when they are at their easiest to split and it also allows them to dry quicker.  Once split, they will have more surface area for the moisture to evaporate from the wood and therefore the seasoning process happens more quickly.  

So, you're splitting fresh logs with say, for example, the Hartnett 7 Ton Vertical Log Splitter.   Your main axe which is welded to the machine is approx 1 inch thick and it slices down through the log until it is almost at the bottom of the log and cuts it open - something like a knife slicing down through a really thick cake - it has to get to the bottom of the cake to cut fully through.  Now, it takes time for the ram to move all the ways down through that log and if you're doing a lot of logs then that's where the split wedge proves invaluable.

The wedge is like an upside down triangle and tapers out from 1 inch to 4 inches wide.  Slide this on over the main axe, tighten the bolt to hold it in place and now go to split the same type of log.  This time the tip of the wedge needs only to go 2 inches into the log and BANG it splits open because of its extra width.  No need for the ram to move all the way down through the log to split it fully because the width of the wedge has prised it open.  This saves an awful lot of time.  

If your logs are seasoned when you are splitting them, then the main axe will split them fully as soon as it goes into the log, no need for a split wedge.  However, you will inevitably have a mix of fresh and seasoned logs to be chopped so the Split Wedge is really useful.  

So now you know the value of the split wedge and there is one with every one of our electric log splitters because we know it's a great bit of kit and will save you a lot of time in the long run.

The Splitting Wedge on a 7 Ton Vertical Log Splitter

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