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The Economic & Environmental Reasons Why We Should Use More Firewood

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Economically, when we use firewood our money stays local.  For example, when John Hartnett cuts down his tree in Co Cork, he seasons it in Co Cork and burns it in his fire in Co Cork.  All very local.  Or, he buys a load of logs from Coillte and the same applies.  Otherwise, John Hartnett is buying oil, gas or coal to heat his home and his money is heading off overseas to oil, gas and coal producing countries.  Isn’t it wonderful that we have our own renewable source of heat growing here in the form of trees that we can use without having to import oil/gas/coal.   Using more wood is definitely the way forward for improving our fuel security.  In fact, many people have completely eliminated their use of coal and drastically reduced their home heating oil use by burning firewood.  And, we know it’s not realistic that everyone in the country will use firewood but the numbers need to increase significantly from where we are at the moment.  There’s no time like the present!

Environmental Reasons

Environmentally, heating your home with firewood does release carbon dioxide but because, during its lifetime, the tree has absorbed carbon dioxide from the air, when it is burned it simply returns that carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.  So it can be regarded as carbon neutral – what it takes in while living cancels out what it emits when it’s burned.  And the great thing is, once you cut down your tree, you can re-plant a new one to replace it – renewable energy.  Good karma!!



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