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Heating Your Home with a Wood Burning Stove

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Heating your home with firewood offers many benefits.  Whether firewood is your main or secondary heating source, choosing the right stove to burn it in is important.  First, decide if you want the stove to heat just one room or the entire house and then do some research as to what products are available and the costs.  In our experience some of the things to consider when installing a stove are:

  • Make sure that it’s “mouth” or “belly” is big enough to take logs.
  • Look at your house with a fresh pair of eyes. Maybe a stand-alone stove in your kitchen area, where you do most of your living, would be more useful rather than positioning it in the sitting room fireplace.  Or maybe you could do both. 
  • Would a stove with a cooking option be worthwhile? A stove with an oven or hot plate is a great way to make your stove do more for you.  There have been times, and I’m sure there are more to come, when our electricity has gone out due to storms and bad weather and we have been able to continue staying warm and fed because we have a stove with a small oven built in.  
  • Get a qualified installer to fit your stove.

 Think of a stove as an investment that is going to save you money and will pay back for itself over time.  With the combination of good firewood and an efficient stove, you will be heating your home at a fraction of the cost.  We’ve done it, so take it from us that it is possible!  More and more households should be breaking away from high energy bills and imported fuels and choosing firewood as a renewable, natural resource.

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