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This kept our teenager busy for the summer!

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JP's making firewood story on Biteable.

Here you will see all of the work that was done by JP.  In Spring the logs were delivered and they were all sawed down by either our petrol log saw, our PTO log saw or a chainsaw for the really big ones.  Once that was done, JP spent a lot of the Easter holidays splitting the logs with our 16 Ton Electric log splitter.  This is a very fast and very strong log cutter and very comfortable to use.  Once it was all split then it was left to dry.  Fortunately, this summer was so warm and dry that it dried very easily and didn't need protection from rain.  Once it was fully seasoned then it was loaded on to our 5m log conveyor which his also electric and stored in the log shed.  The conveyor eliminated a lot of walking and made sure that the maximum height of the shed was used.  Now we're all set for winter and the stove, along with this wood will keep us warm for the winter.  Follow our Log Splitters Ireland page on Google or follow us on Facebook to get regular updates on our products and stories

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